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Treatment of the movement system using the McKenzie method

Updated: Oct 27

Most of us experience back or joint pain from time to time. Already in the last century, Robin Mckenzie, a New Zealand physiotherapist, noticed that often a certain position or repeated movements help to reduce or eliminate pain. Based on observations and later extensive research, he developed a method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) of the musculoskeletal system.

Today, MDT is one of the most scientifically researched and developed rehabilitation methods in the treatment of the spine, joints and soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. The growing number of therapists improves its availability for an ever-increasing range of patients. Without the need for expensive or body-burdening imaging examinations such as CT, MR, it is possible to establish a diagnosis and set up therapy, which mainly consists of simple exercise and lifestyle modification.

The McKenzie method is based on the concept that if certain movements and positions cause us difficulties, moving in the opposite direction or staying in the opposite position can be healing.

When visiting a certified therapist, the first step is to take a thorough history of your difficulties. This is followed by a comprehensive examination of the spine and limbs. A combination of history and mechanical examination will determine the diagnosis and the "directional preference" of healing movement or position. The nature of the problem, the treatment options and the need to change the sitting, work, and sports regimen are explained to the patient.

In addition to the speed of diagnosis, it is also an advantage that most therapy is carried out in a home or work environment. The patient is independent of the therapist and has an exact "semaphore" set on how to proceed with certain manifestations of pain. He regularly consults his therapist about his condition.

The international Mckenzie Institute and its Slovak branch guarantee the high professionalism of certified therapists. The experts at MDT can quickly determine whether the problem is really mechanical or requires a visit to another specialist.

Over the years, our workplace has become a reliable partner of orthopedists, traumatologists, neurologists and general practitioners. Neurosurgery departments like to contact us so that we can try to diagnose and treat patients with us before definitively determining the date of the operation.

Our Mckenzie therapists can be your guides on the way to finding the cause of your difficulties and the optimal solution to your pain. It does not matter whether your difficulties are acute or long-term. Whether you haven't seen a doctor at all or you've already gone through a lot of other clinics to no avail. We are here to offer you our expertise in the Mckenzie concept.

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